Testimonials and references for the meeting scheduler software


« Effective solution, very responsive team, who were able to listen to our needs and provide a solution that met our expectations. We will certainly renew the experience as soon as possible. »

Tehani Perry, Junior Account Manager, Tahiti Tourism

« Our visitors were very satisfied with the simplicity of booking meeting, the clear presentation of participant profiles, plus the web and mobile access. When our visitors are satisfied, we are delighted. »

Julien DEL RIO – Digital Place

« Marcom was by our side for the launching of a new event. The solution they put in place was very efficient and the team very responsive and available throughout our show. »

Marie Rossignol - Project Manager - EDF Innovation Days

« Using the Marcom ACE platform was a means to enrich our event by organizing more than 600 business meetings. The high-quality support and availability of the Marcom team contributed to the success of this innovation! »

Margaux LIZANO, Business Forum Manager 2017 - Parcours France

« Thanks to Marcom, we were able to quickly and easily set up an intuitive registration and appointment scheduling system for our event. In addition to a complete and professional solution, a responsive and competent team were there to support us throughout our conference. »

Emmy GANDAR - Marketing Assistant at LU-CIX asbl

« Marcom helped us set up an easy-to-use 1 on 1 networking solution. The participants of our professional forum appreciated its design and efficiency »

PRIMI - Pôle Transmédia Méditerranée