B2B and B2C appointment scheduling software

Scheduling process

Marcom ACE was built to give your creativity free rein by offering you a wide selection of options to satisfy your participants.
Thus, you have the choice between several appointment-scheduling processes that can be combined and / or organized in stages.
The Marcom team remains close by to guide you and suggest the best combination to reach your goals.


The traditional process: the most intuitive

One participant requests a meeting with another participant and the recipient accepts or rejects the proposal. No surprises: everyone keeps full control of their agenda.
To optimize the process, requests are not made for a specific time-slot. The recipient selects a time-slot based on common availabilities.


The direct process: quick and easy

With this meeting-scheduling process, one category of participants books appointments directly in the agenda of participants of another category.
This method is popular for exhibitions, buyers / sellers and investors / start-ups meetings.


The prioritized process: the balanced approach

Your participants don't want to bother scheduling their own meetings? They can indicate their preferences and Marcom ACE will optimize everyone's agendas using a proprietary Smart Meeting Scheduler algorythm.


The admin process: you take the lead!

For many events, the added value of the event organizer lies in their in-depth knowledge of their participants. The organizer can connect people who would not necessarily meet on their own.
Using this method, the event-organizer manages meetings on behalf of their participants, ensuring the complementarity of the different profiles.

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