B2B and B2C software with registration, badge and agenda builder

Additional modules

Marcom ACE is a state of the art meeting scheduler, but it can also do much more!
To meet your additional needs, Marcom ACE goes much further. All you have to do is choose from all the different options:

Event Website

Present your event in a few pages using our multilingual content manager, providing an all-in-one experience for your participants.

Registration with or without payment

You want to manage event registrations via the same platform? Our registration module offers many possibilities, with promotional codes, VAT management, online payment, invoicing, and registration validation by the organizer.

Participant Badges

You choose the format and information that you want and we'll make your badges for you. You can either print them, or have them emailed automatically to your participants.
The organizer interface also allows you to edit / print your badges on the day of the event.


Marcom ACE makes it easy to communicate with your participants! The integrated emailing module lets you configure your communication campaigns conveniently beforehand, and then schedule their delivery for whatever date and time you want.
As a result, your campaigns are targeted, with personalized content for each recipient.

Other options

Marcom ACE offers a wide range of configuration options to give you the features you need.

Let our experts guide you, tell us your needs and we'll adjust the settings to suit your event.